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Our Mission Statement


Living Water Global Initiative exists to bring education, better nutrition, feeding & care for the poor, disaster relief, and freedom from human and sex trafficking in areas around the world, particularly in Eastern Europe, Asia and India. 




What We do...


Living Water Global Initiative


Provides education….such as teaching English as a second language, teaching nutrition classes, parenting classes, etc. in communities and villages. We also hope to set up programs in the future to help single women to regain their lives, their self-esteem, and financial independence by teaching them vocational skills they need to support themselves and their children.


Supplies nutrition...such as sponsoring a Milk Program for children, feeding the poor in hospitals, and providing rice, oil, fish sauce, and other staples to an orphanage in Vietnam.


Gives rescue aid…such as volunteering in the hospitals to help with Ukrainian soldiers, helping to provide care packages to Crimean Refugees still dispossessed in Kyiv, or providing typhoon relief packages to Vietnamese families.


Works toward relieving and preventing human & sex trafficking…by helping women wherever we can to escape or recover from the lives they’ve led by learning vocational skills to help them regain their confidence and be able to earn a legitimate livelihood.


Offers hope…by going into every situation with a belief that we can make a difference. We remind those we serve that they are not forgotten, that we are here and that because we care and we pray for them, there is always hope. While it is not always safe for us to share the Word of God, we do so whenever possible.


Forms & maintains better relationships… by building and maintaining partnerships with those we serve and striving to foster better interpersonal relationships to create greater cultural awareness across the globe. By setting up individual programs, such as education, nutrition, and parenting classes wherever we are able, by keeping in contact with the people we’ve served, and by making our donors and contributors partners with us in every venture, we create strong cultural relationships that reach far beyond our borders and that open doors for more programs in a new, global community.

Our Vision

In the coming years, we at Living Water Global Initiative hope to have programs set up in areas around the world that we can sustain year round, such as Milk Programs for children in orphanages in Vietnam, English as a Second Language (ESL) classes we can conduct via the internet for those in every area we serve, and English book libraries for Street Children's Homes, as well as in the orphanages and schools we teach in. 


As we grow, we have plans to help those women and girls in India who are being used in the trafficking industry. By teaching them vocational skills, we will allow them the freedom of choice, so that they can stay free from their captors and finally be independent and self-reliant. In addition to offering them the means to support themselves and their children, we hope to offer them counseling for the traumatic experiences they have been through as a result of such terrible abuse.


We see ourselves one day having the resources to quickly assembly teams of medical residents and volunteer missionaries, as well as whatever items are needed on the ground, when disaster strikes in the areas of the world we serve so that we can bring to bear whatever individual gifts we've been given to help whenever a crisis occurs. Whether it is a typhoon in Da Nang, Vietnam or a War leading to millions of displaced refugees in Kiev, Ukraine, our hearts are to be there serving the people who are suffering as a result of the situation.


These are just a few of the visions and goals we have for Living Water.  It seems with each new day, another idea or the realization for another need presents itself in the form of yet another program we can create in the future. One thing we know for certain at Living Water…there is no end to what we can do if we partner with likeminded people out to change the world!

The Lanterns of Hoi An,

Hoi An, Vietnam

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