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Street Children's Homes - Da Nang 2018

Our work this year with the Street Children's Homes in Da Nang centered around Home #5 for boys and Home #6 that houses both young girls and young boys. We were able to bring even more English books to add to their libraries. We were also able to purchase dressers, a table, packaged milk, cooking oil, washing powder, detergent, fish sauce and many other staples for Home #5. This year, we were also able to donate many of those same staples to Home #6. In addition, one of our donors, Mrs. Jean Farnworth, donated a new laptop for the children at that home, as she did last year for the boy's home. Mrs. Farnworth has since gone on to be with Jesus, but her willing spirit and obedient heart in donating to these two homes will affect the lives of these young people for years to come.

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