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International Children's day - 2015


Our second project in vietnam was to participate in a ceremony organized by the department of foreign affairs (dofa) in da nang in honor of international children's day. the holiday falls on june 1st, but the event we were a part of took place on may 16th at the women & children's hospital in da nang. At the advice of Ms. my dung and ms. thao Phuong of dofa, our organization donated packaged milk, something much needed by the children in vietnam, since dairy milk can be very cost prohibitive. 


the Event was entitled "bring music to the hospital" and took place on may 15th & 16th at da nang cancer hospital for women and children. in the past, this event has left a great impression on each participant,from the organizers to the sponsors to the doctors to the patients and their families. it is well known that music is an amazing medicine in relieving a patient's pain & worries in a mentally. In addition, the artists' performances help connect the people who attend. and last but not least, the total donated to the hospital was more than $5,000.00USD and all of that money went directly to the patients.

our liaison in vietnam, who is a resident of da nang, thao nguyen, arranged everything for us. she made sure our donation of packaged milk was received by the hospital and she also made it possible for the three boys from the street children's home we worked with in march to be able to participate in this project, too. we were so proud that they wanted to be a part of it when we asked them if they wanted to do it! part of what living water stands for as an organization is encouraging those we give to to give to others in return. with our very first project, we were able to foster that giving spirit in the hearts of these boys and that's what makes the work we do Turn into something self-perpetuating. We could not be more proud of these boys for paying it forward! thanks, guys!


Please check out our photo gallery of the pictures thao took here!

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