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Abbie Smith

Abbie Smith grew up in Mount Pleasant, NC. She moved to Charlotte in 2010 to complete her Bachelor's degree in Psychology. Abbie wants to continue her education and get her Masters degree in Military Psychology. She has a particular interest in helping veterans suffering from Posttraumatic Stress Disorder, both at home in the United States and abroad. She volunteers with the non-profit organization Give an Hour, which is dedicated to catering to the mental health needs of veterans and their families affected by the conflicts in Iraq and Afganistan.


Abbie is serving as Living Water Global Initiative's Veteran's Liasion, as well as our Website Administrator. As Veteran's Liasion, she represents us when she speaks to our veterans, helping us to reach those who've served our country with discipline and committment. It is our hope to get them involved in our organization in ways we can bring their special skills to bear. Because we know they are a very unique group of our citizens -- individuals who've already committed themselves to caring for and protecting the lives of others, which is exactly what we do -- we want to encourage that humanitarian spirit within them and give a platform for the talents and skills those individual veterans possess to shine.  We believe our veterans have so much to offer in the way of global charity. We also believe that they are often forgotten for what they can contribute, with regard to their ideas, their time, and their talents. Abbie is a firm believer in that, too, and that is one of the ways she hopes to help veterans make a difference through Living Water. 


As Website Administrator, her extensive experience with and aptitude for computers is an amazing resource for our organization. She has always enjoyed working on the technical end of things and her friends and family jokingly refer to her as "Tech Support." Fortunately for us, when a device (laptop, phone, etc.) is handed to her and the general description of the problem is prefaced by "fix this," she tackles the problem every time. And when it comes to website issues things can crop up pretty often for some of us. :D 


Abbie also spends a lot of time brainstorming on future creative ways to fundraise, contributing ideas for merchandise to go along with upcoming project campaigns (stay tuned for those), designing areas of our website, and proofreading various submittal documents, such as proposals for projects, applications to foreign governments to operate, etc. We are making hats for her as fast as possible. 


When she isn't working with Living Water, Abbie enjoys reading comic books and playing video games. She also loves baking (she is our resident Baker-in-Charge for our fundraisers) and one day hopes to combine her love of baking with her passion to support veterans by opening a bakery of her own that employs those who've served our country, giving them an opportunity for a new beginning.


Abbie has a unique skill set that we are so grateful to have as part of our team here at Living Water. We are so glad she has chosen to volunteer her time with us.

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