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Ukraine: Library Plant Initiative

Living Water Global Initiative will be going on a mission trip to Ukraine in October of 2016. We will be focusing on helping the refugees displaced because of the conflict with Russia. While we are there we will start a library of donated books for children and those who are learning English. The library will be used to help teach English and to demonstrate the differences between American culture and Ukrainian culture. By establishing a library of English language books we are able to provide learning materials not only for the people currently living there, but hopefully for generations to come!

Baggage fees are around $100 per extra bag, so we need donations to help us get these books to Ukraine! Every dollar goes a long way to providing Ukrainian refugees with their very own library. We are also still taking book donations! To donate to our Ukrainian project, click on the "donate to Ukraine mission" button at the top right of the page.

So far, we have 109 books and counting. We are so thrilled to be able to provide this for the refugees, especially since books written in English are so expensive and difficult to find in Ukraine! We appreciate each and every book, dollar, and prayer!

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