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How You Can Help Make A Difference

 One way you can help make our projects succeed is by donating money to our organization. There are lots of ways to donate, too. We believe our donors should have a choice in choosing where their money is spent. So you can go to our Donation Page and let us know how you want to give. Once on the page, you will be able to choose to contribute to our General Fund, which will allow us to use your donation where we decide which project your money will go towards completing. Or, if there is a specific project you'd like to donate to, you may do that just by clicking on the appropriate button on that page. No amount is too small! You can either send us a check at the address provided or you can use your PayPal account. With PayPal, you can even set up a recurring monthly donation if you want to.



Another way you can donate is with books. By purchasing new books or donating used ones that are in good condition, you will be helping us plant English libraries overseas. Children's books work the best in teaching English to new learners. They contain simple words and ofentimes correlating pictures to provide context clues for the student, which helps reinforce new words. An example would be a picture of an apple beside the word "apple.'' Pictures also lend umderstanding to simple sentences and paragraphs. For example, a picture of a person in a field of corn beside a story about a farmer gives meaning to the reader. As we plant our English libraries in the schools, orphanages, villages, and street children's homes in the places where we serve, we leave behind valuable material that will help reinforce what we've taught while we were in country and also encourage continued learning for our students. English books in other countries are very valuable.


If also costs a lot of money to transport books when we are limited to a strict weight limit and the number of suitcases we are allowed on each trip. A great way to help us get the books overseas is to donate to our Book Transport Fund. If you don't have the time to buy books or don't have access to any used books, you can make a big difference by helping us get our books to those who need them. If you can't go on a mission trip, you can send books in your place. Books you donate will have your name in them as the donor. And for just $2.00 you and your family can submit a dedication you create to be copied in color and affixed to the inside cover of the book!

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