Welcome to our Fundraising Page for UKRAINE! Here you can find all of the merchandise we will soon have available for purchase to support those suffering from the conflict that's been going on there for the past year and a half. We will be adding items, so check back often to see what's new. And if you have an idea for something that might help us raise money for Ukraine or for one of the other areas we work in -- right now, we are in Ukraine and Vietnam -- please share it with us!

Ukraine Awareness Wristband

Wristband reads:


"Ukraine Matters" in both Ukrainian and English on the outside of the wristband and has our organization's name on the inside of the bracelet. Included with the bracelet is a pronunciation guide so that you can say the phrase in both languages. We are giving these wristbands to our 200 supporters who ask for them in an effort to create awareness of the issues the refugees in Kiev are facing on a daily basis. If you would like to have one, just email us, and we'll send it to you while they last at no charge just because you cared enough to ask.


And please visit our page on Ukraine for the facts about the crisis the refugees are facing, as well as our page full of information about Ukraine and its people.

Ukraine T-shirt -

Available in Men's, Women's & Youth's sizes on

CafePress.com, designed by our staff. All profits will go to our Project in Ukraine.


     Men's                          $

Women's                     $

    Youth's                       $

Ukraine Mug -

This coffee mug features the Ukrainian flag on one side and the phrase, "Ukraine Matters," in Ukrainian on the other side. All profits of the mug will go toward our Project in Ukraine.

Our Favorite Dogs Calendar -

A 12 month calendar that begins in January of 2016 that features adorable friends of LWGI! Makes a wonderful Christmas gift. All profits of the calendar will go toward our Project in Ukraine.

Ukraine Calendar -

A 12 month calendar that begins in January 2016 featuring some of the most beautiful places and people of the country. All profits of the calendar will go toward our Project in Ukraine.

The links & prices of the following items will be posted soon.


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