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We're so glad you care about Ukraine!


If you've received one of the wristbands we've given out to bring awareness to the humanitarian crisis in Kiev, Ukraine, we bet you'd like to learn how to pronounce the part that's in Ukrainian on the wristband. If you haven't received one and would like to, just email us, and we'll send it to you while they last at no charge just because you cared enough to ask. We are giving these wristbands to our first 200 supporters who ask for them in an effort to create awareness of the issues the refugees in Kiev are facing on a daily basis. (See the link below for more info)




About the wristband:


The wristband is in the colors of the Ukrainian flag and it reads: "Ukraine Matters" in both Ukrainian and English on the outside and has our organization's name impressed on the inside of it. (Be sure to go to our website and like us on Facebook, as well, to see what projects we've done and to keep up with future projects we have planned.)  


Please visit our page on Ukraine for the facts about the crisis the refugees are facing, as well as our page full of information about Ukraine and her people.


Here's how to pronounce the Ukrainian portion of what's on your wristband:


Україна має значення
oo-kray-ee-na   ma-ye  zna-chen-nya

Click here for interesting Facts About Ukraine and Her People

Click here to find out What's Happening in Kiev?

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