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February 24, 2022

There is a humanitarian crisis in Ukraine as the people fight a war declared on them without provocation. We are working with our liaisons there to help in any way we can to assess the needs and we'd like for you to help us help the Ukrainian people. Currently, we are aware of the need for medical supplies for the soldiers in the border area of Romania, help for Jewish refugees and others fleeing Kyiv and other parts of Ukraine to head for the West, and individuals and families who need our help.


Please donate any amount you can. We will keep you informed as to how we are able to help with our funds! You can use the PayPal button at the top of this page or write a check to:

Living Water Global Initiative

c/o Kim Smith

3466 Hahn Scott Road

Mt. Pleasant, NC 28124 

Ukraine Awareness WristbandWristband reads: "Ukraine Matters" in both Ukrainian and English on the outside of the wristband and has our organization's name on the inside of the bracelet. Included with the bracelet is a pronunciation guide so that you can say the phrase in both languages.


We are giving these wristbands (while supplies last) to our supporters who donate any amount to the humanitarian crisis there. We hope they will create awareness of the issues the Ukrainian people are facing right now on a daily basis. If you would like to have one but cannot donate, just email us, and we'll send it to you while they last at no charge just because you cared enough to ask. And please visit our page on Ukraine for the facts about the crisis the refugees are facing, as well as our page full of information about Ukraine and its people.

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